St Lucia Brisbane wedding - Golden light wedding photography
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I’m often asked, “Why did you decide to be a photographer?”. I could tell you that it’s because my grandfather was a wedding photographer, as was my father. I’ve been in front of and behind the camera for as long as I can remember. I was always surrounded with a world of images that have now become my memories, but the truth is that photography is my heart beat. It’s what makes me tick. I adore people in love and the bond between loved ones. Capturing connections is what I do best. I hate cheesy-smiling-at-the-camera photos. My favourite images are always ones in which you can feel the love. The ones that make your heart skip a beat when you see them. That’s why I do this. I am a light chaser. I truly love light and the way it can make or break an image. If that means climbing a hill to catch a ray then that’s what we will do! If there is a patch of beautiful lighting, I will find it. I’m a little bit tomboy and a whole lot of fun! I love laughter. I’ve been told I’m a little loud and I’m sure it’s probably true, but I think that works to my advantage in a lot of ways. I’m in love with love and all the beauty that is created when that connection is captured. So drop me a line and let’s start documenting your loved up memories!

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